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Southside Psalms is a team of people on a mission to change the world utilizing music, movies, clothing, social media and more.  Realizing the influence Hip hop music and media has on the world today, particularly the fatherless, we have devised and are implementing a strategic plan to combat the destructive message of drugs, violence and greed currently being imposed upon this generation. Producing quality material has been a priority of ours knowing that we cannot compete with the major labels who spend at times millions on their projects without investing heavily into our material.

Founder Stephen I. Crow Jr. has been featured on a Top 50 Billboard Christian Album with over a total of 1 million streams. He has devoted his life to the cause. Being somewhat raised by Rap he said he did "everything" his favorite artists promoted in their songs landing him a drug addiction, jail time, gang affiliation and more. If we fail to realize the power of music and it's influence we will continue to lose the battle for the soul of our world. God, himself, understood the power of music. He devoted the largest book in the bible to ...songs (Psalms).       

        Stephen, because of his experiences, has taken many steps in the last 10 years towards reaching the globe using the platform of media. Stephen won an internship  at Somma Studios in Longview, Tx which as fate would have it doubled as a church who's Pastor Donald Burton ran the studio and taught Stephen much more than music. Afterwards Stephen opened his first studio around age 20 in the back of his clothing store, recording and managing himself along with other local artists. Selling out of cd's and catching strangers singing their music out in public was very inspiring to them. Having famous artists such as Houston's Billy Cook & members of the Freestyle Kings, Pretty Ricky, & Dj DMD of 25 lighters reaching out to collaborate was also a sign they were on the right track. Stephen's first concert was in Amarillo, Tx opening up for Pitbull and Chino XL in front of a packed house. Stephen closed his clothing store/studio not long after to do some soul searching. Still battling a drug addiction and criminal charges Stephen says he "cried out to God for help" Almost immediately after his prayer a man showed up "knocking on my door." His name was Kevin Whitaker. "Kevin wanted to talk to me about Jesus." "He took me to church and it was unlike the churches I had attended as a kid." "I feel in love with the peaceful welcoming atmosphere there." "Kevin turned out to be the founder of Meekness Music Group a Christian Hip hop record label and he encouraged me to use my gift for God." At the same time Stephen said the Lord himself began to speak to him in ways he could not ignore.

Music Video we filmed in Mexico

In 2015, he completed Tyler Junior College's Electronic Music Production course and later a bootcamp class at the Creative Center for Media founded by Doug Rittenhouse producer/ writer of VH1's Behind the Music. Stephen was at the time filming/ editing & directing his own Reality Tv show playing on Suddenlink a local cable provider in East Tx. He also Co-Hosted an Radio Show which also aired weekly on an FM Station in Compton, California. Stephen I was also the first Christian artist to be interview and have his music aired on The Blaze 102.7 his childhood favorite station. All the while Stephen was being consistently booked for concerts and speaking engagements the point the had to quit his telemarketing job. Stephen found it very challenging to get churches, his main source of booking, to invest much into his services so he created a Christian clothing line and opened another studio offering recording/ filming/ graphics/ web design for Christian artists to help earn income to further the mission. Soon later Stephen along with the help of his church in Tyler opened East Tx's very first Christian night club hosting himself and numerous other artists every Friday night offering a family friendly environment for young Christians to fellowship and enjoy themselves. The Club was able to raise funds by concession and entry fees to help the church pay their rent many months but Stephen himself still struggled financially. Finally he decided to start a new business and try his hand at real estate even though he didn't hardly have any start up capitol.

Highlights of Past Engagements 

In 2018 Stephen began to put together a team to once again go full force into the media realm in order to change the world as we know it. This year Southside Psalms has plans to release Stephen's sophomore album (nearly 10 years in the making), a Christian film, a new Clothing line and even a Tour... stay tuned! 

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